Small laser gun can shoot the missile

In order to test the effect of laser weapons , the United States use a tactical laser cannon destroy a target successfully 1978.
In 1979 Navy built a 2.2 MW infrared chemical 1000mw Laser Pointer to destroy a Titan intercontinental missile boosters. The 400 kW CO2 laser weapon installed in the

air refueling machine shot down five pieces of "ring rattlesnake" missiles in 1983. The mobile system was developed by the original tactical high energy laser program,

which was originally developed by the United States and Israel in the early concept technology demonstration program, which began in 1996. At present, the United

States take charge the development of the laser weapon.

Only with superconducting technology to create a superconducting energy storage device can produce high intensity laser. This kind of laser cannons can destroy enemy

satellite or missile.
If the enemy is also launching multiple false missiles, burning laser cannons have the ability to destroy all the incoming missile. Weapons can also be made by using

the characteristics of the laser. Low energy laser weapons, such as laser guns, light weight, small size, can be armed with infantry combat, It can also burn the

enemy's eyes, burning skin, making clothes, trees, houses on fire from 1500 meters away. High energy laser weapon is laser cannon.
A tactical high energy laser developed by the US military contractor Northrop Grumman Corporation for the United States army.The laser gun can not only shot down the

single mortar shells, but also destroy the barrage of mortar shells. Experimental results show that laser gun can be used on the battlefield against many common goals.
Basic principle of laser weapon
Sea based laser gun
When it is widely thought that China now focusing on cruise missiles and advanced warplanes, it develop a enough power laser weapons, laser gun (also known as "death

ray gun"). It is said that Chinese military plan serve the laser cannon as a missile defense system to compete with the United States TMD system.If the laser weapon

can move to the warship operations uccessfully, the current air defense will be stronger. The most critical technology is to accurately locate the target by using the

100mw Laser Pointer cannon to deal with the high speed flight. In the early 1970s, China has overcomed the difficulties of laser power, when the Chinese expertssaid

using laser beam excitation of the nucleus emits neutrons, has made military experts in the United States very surprised. In 1996, China's new generation of super

laser devices come out,which marked China's strong laser technology and a new level. Now "99 National Safety System Engineering" full of the laser gun configuration on

the ship, showing major breakthrough has been made in the precise positioning, enhancing the accuracy of cruise missile.

With the development of tactical laser weapons, the Navy also joined the ranks of the development of such powerful laser devices. The US Navy is working on a water

laser cannon for the next 10 years.
The main purpose of the Navy's development of Attack Laser Pointer weapon system is to fight against the anti ship cruise missile, and the system also has the key

ability to ensure the entry of combat troops. The development of the Navy laser weapon system is a very important part in the future. As early as the last century ,

the United States Navy developed a mid sized infrared advanced chemical laser, which is developed by the West's first million watt super continuous wave chemical

laser. Since then, the laser has been used as a test platform for the high energy laser project of the U.S. Department of defense. After the end of the cold war, the

Navy's high energy laser weapons program had to be adjusted. The Navy recognizes the importance of the use to overcome the transmission effects of the ocean