Raytheon Company Laser Weapon
This meet shows a solid burning laser weapon. This is the biggest bright spot of the laser weapon. The so-called solid state laser is a laser with solid laser material as the working substance. In 1960, the ruby laser was the first laser in the world. Although the laser gun comes out in 1960. However, the traditional chemical laser is too bulky, for military use is not reality. The solid-state laser device used in this experiment is much more compact in volume, and is produced by glass or ceramic materials.
Test installed the laser weapon system in warship radar system under the guidance of it.A high powered laser (32 kW of energy) will burn unmanned aircraft within a few seconds.The Raytheon company's laser weapon system, include 6 pcs of laser equipment, and installed on a warship.With such a powerful laser, the laser weapon system is aimed at the target. It can be used in combat aircraft, but also can be used to combat small ships, mortars and rockets.
Laser Wapon Will Be Used at Battle Soon

Raytheon Company unveiled its latest high powered laser air defense weapon system. The laser weapon system had accepted the secret experiments, and now heady unmanned aircraft launched a contest in Afghanistan and Iraq.
In 1960, the world's first Military Laser Pointer was born in the United States, since then, the United States began to develop laser weapons. In 1976, the U.S. air force launched a space-based laser program, in the course of 11 years, had shot down 5 missiles and a drone. In 1992, the United States Air Force began to implement the laser anti missile program and deploy laser weapons on the aircraft to destroy incoming missiles.A number of Companies in the United States are now working on the development of a large number of laser weapon projects that have been used in solid-state lasers:

Raytheon's laser dense system turns out to be used as part of a U.S. Navy submarine launched anti missile system, the United States Navy ships are installed with the system. In order to use the barrage of high firing rate to destroy an incoming target. Due to the use of solid state laser technology, it can provide very cheap, almost unlimited ammunition base to fight the mortar shells and rockets.

The World's First Laser Weapon

The working of the solid 300mw Laser Pointer is mainly based on an optically transparent crystal or glass. Among them, the glass laser is easy to make uniform large size material, which can be used in high energy or high peak power laser. The crystal laser has good thermal and mechanical properties. Since the 1960s, there were more than 300 kinds of lasers.The development of technology has achieved the equivalent amount of energy that has been produced by solid-state laser devices and chemical reactions. The solid laser weapon has been put out.Since the advent of the laser, the United States has been seeking to put its military use. States began the study of laser weapons, once used laser irradiation to blindness the satellite, also used NKC135A laser plane shot down over the Sidewinder missile. At present, the U.S. military has a huge laser weapons development plan, plans to cover from the industrial base to combat .